Displaying Google Docs Form Results

In my post Add a Google Docs Form to Your Blog, I showed you how to create a form for your blog to collect data. In this blog post I’d like to show you how to display those results in your blog.

Below is an example using the Embed Iframe WordPress Plugin.

When you start collecting data in a Google Docs Spreadsheet, you can publish the spreadsheet and it creates a unique URL that you can include in your blog post. This URL can be passed to the Embed Iframe plugin so the spreadsheet is displayed.

Here’s the output of the spreadsheet using the Embed Iframe WordPress Plugin.

[iframe http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=poZNJCkPpy0CTfWg6om-vRQ&output=html 450 300]

Here’s the output by selecting the HTML to embed in a web page choice when publishing your Google Docs Spreadsheet. Notice the bar at the bottom with arrows on the right. You would use the arrows if you had more columns to scroll to.

When you publish spreadsheet results, you’ll have the chance to check a box that says, “Automactically re-publish when changes are made.” This is also the same screen that allows you to re-publish a spreadsheet over and over.

I don’t select the auto-re-publish because it will display everything that people enter into the form right away. And of course you can imagine using this technique with the public filling out your form and re-publishing that data automatically. You would end up with some interesting data to display. :)

Here’s the screen shot of choices you can publish a form in:

Google Docs Spreadsheet Publishing -Formats

Now, the above examples display the spreadsheet results and what I’d like to see is the results formated the way I want them formatted. So I’ll continue playing with this feature of Google Docs Forms and Spreadsheets until I get it the way I want. And of course I’ll be sharing it with everyone here at my blog.