My First Google Adsense Check

I thought I’d take a photo of my first Google Adsense check (like a lot of other folks have done) when I received my first Adsense check (see end of this post).

It’s pretty cool when you get your first Google Adsense check and I didn’t even have to do a bunch of traffic building tactics for the website that generated this check. I really just had to wait a bit.

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Talking Normal-ly

It was mostly organic SEO, which means including good title tags for articles, good meta descriptions, a bit of backlinking by commenting on other blog posts around the web, some luck, and providing content that makes sense to humans who are reading it, which in turn makes sense to search engines.

One pdf that talks about organic SEO is the Keyword Research Guide from WordTracker.

An example in the beginning of their ebook talks about using the keyword phrase “cheap flights” instead of “low fares”. Using “cheap flights” in an article will bring more search engine traffic than “low fares”.

Why? Because you and I use the phrase “cheap flights”, CEO’s use the phrase “low fares”. See the difference?

If you don’t know anything about search engine optimization, it doesn’t really matter (well, it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish online) because good content will ultimately start ranking in the search engines.

With good content might come backlinks, which in turn helps you in the search engines.  So write the best stuff you can and make it popular somehow.  Keep an eye on how you write your content and how “normal” people would search for it (that’s the organic part).

On the site (a tech blog) that generated the Adsense check, certain articles became more popular over time and did well in the search engines.

I haven’t done an in depth analysis of what ads and why folks were clicking on them but with a bit of analysis and some common knowledge of what works best when placing Adsense ads on a web page, I can tweak the site to work even better.

The great thing about letting a blog sit for a while is to watch what content receives more attention and rises to the top.  You can then drive more traffic to the better performing articles, monetize them different ways and tweak the Adsense for them.

Here’s my $100.00 (plus a few pennies) check:

To find an example of what you can make with Google Adsense search on Google Adsense Check.