In-Stream Advertising with Twitter

Want to make money online with your twitter stream or any other social media stream?  In-Stream advertising is the answer, or is it?

What is In-Stream Advertising?

Using twitter for this example, In-Stream Advertising is placing ads in your twitter stream to promote someone else’s product or service.

Now some folks might say, “NEVER!!  I would never subject my twitter followers to advertising in my twitter stream.”  And that’s certainly fine.

How Does it Work?

Two ways (for this article):

1. Sponsored Tweets – Sign up for a Sponsored tweets and they will analyze your twitter account and recommend how much you could make per tweet.

2. – Sign up for an account and they’ll analyze your twitter account and recommend how much you could make per week.

How Much Can I Make?

Well, if you read ShoeMoney’s How To Make 15,000.00 In 1 Month Just By Tweeting and Do Not Miss The Boat, you’ll discover the potential.

Case Study

Here’s one user’s way of doing it who is not a celebrity at anything, a normal Joe who works 9-5, but also made a bit on sending out tweets as advertisements.

  1. Join a service that automatically finds followers who will follow you back.  This is a big step in and of itself.  With this step, you’ll have to realize that you might end up with some people you might not be seeking to follow you, like spammers.  So with this first step, you give up the, “I’m only going to follow quality people and only allow quality people to follow me.”
  2. Let that grow automatically for six months.  You should get to about 15,000 followers after six months.
  3. Set up this twitter account to send out tweets from an RSS feed on a specific topic (niche) every 3 hours or 6 hours.  At this point, you’ll have a twitter account growing automatically, sending out specific (niche) information in each tweet.
  4. Try to interact with people in a normal, personal way by conversing with real people and re-tweeting tweets that you like and maybe occasionally related to your niche.  At this point you have some auto-tweeting going on while you’re away from twitter, you have real interaction with real people when you’re available to tweet and you’re promoting other tweets that you find helpful and interesting by re-tweeting.
  5. Join Sponsored Tweets.  If you’re around 15,000 followers, you might end up making around $20.00 a tweet.  If you get publishers to send you their tweets to tweet, maybe 1 tweet every 2-3 days, you’ll make a $100.00 around a months time.

The Outcome

Follow these steps and you won’t lose any followers because you’re using a service that automatically finds followers for you, whether you lose some followers because of the ads or not.

“I Don’t Know About This”

Now, this isn’t the way twitter was intended to be used.  It’s rather a cold way to go about growing twitter followers. But, it might work.  Or it might fizzle out from a paid tweets point of view.  Why?

There is a measurement around the quality of tweets and interaction you have with your followers.  A great tool to analyze yourself and others is TwitalyzerTwitalyzer will show you categories like Influence, Signal, Generosity, Velocity, and Clout to help you improve your tweeting.

There are some great conversations around ads in your twitter stream and you can start with Robert Scoble’s More thoughts on in-Tweet advertising and the accompanying comments and links to other articles about In-Stream Advertising.

Also, don’t forget about a simple twitter search on in-stream.