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The Marketing category includes articles on Internet Marketing, Making Money Online (MMO) and other marketing and advertising articles to help you market your website or blog.

So I run a few websites and blogs, and when I check the comments or emails that I get from those sites, I’m always a bit surprised to see the automation of unrelated blog comments and automatically generated emails I get in my inbox asking for something. Automation is Great, But… Automation is great for […]

Cary Bergeron of Snap In Media and has written a report called The Adsense Report.  In it, Cary outlines the tools, tips and techniques he uses to make money online with Adsense. The Sale Now, I know some folks might have given up on Adsense but with Cary’s recent sale of one of his […]

Here are 7 steps to keyword research that will help you find new ideas for niche websites/blogs to start or enhance/enrich your current keyword research for an existing site. You can use these techniques for your own blog articles that you consider killer content and want to promote and rank well for in the search […]

Did you know you can buy and sell websites and domain names to make money online?  Well you can.  There are also websites that handle the buying and selling. One site you can do this at is Flippa.  Flippa allows you to buy and sell websites and domain names.  It’s a site where you can […]

So I’m working at my computer the other day and the phone rings. I look at the caller id and don’t recognize the caller but I pick up, “Hello?” CLICK. Hmm? They hung up. I check the caller id and search for the number using Google. Apparently other folks get called by this number and […]

If you’re a blogger, you have what are called popular posts on your blog.  How do you know this or find this out?  Run some type of analytics software on your blog and you’ll find out. Popular posts are also referred to as your “Money Posts”.  Why?  Because you can leverage those posts to make […]

I thought I’d take a photo of my first Google Adsense check (like a lot of other folks have done) when I received my first Adsense check (see end of this post). It’s pretty cool when you get your first Google Adsense check and I didn’t even have to do a bunch of traffic building […]

Here’s how to use a few social media services to market a product, service or anything else you’re trying to draw attention to. This is geared for the small business owner or freelancer who wants/needs some direction in how to use social media sites to help promote their business, campaign, cause or what have you. […]

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