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The Personal Technology category includes articles about the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Linux Operating Systems, Security and Technologies, Smart Phones, iPad and more.

This is a guest post by Eric Greenwood. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Document management has always been an issue for teams, especially teams working in fields like design and IT. Version control becomes critical, and the approval/editing process very often lends itself to error. There […]

Windows 7 is here and there are plenty of reasons to move to it.  Whether your an individual or in the corporate world, jumping from Windows XP is now justifiable. 1.  Loads Fast – Yes, Windows 7 is about the fasting loading Microsoft GUI operating system I’ve seen since Windows 3.1.  I’m trying to remember […]

Have you heard of the Sysinternals tools you can get for free at Microsoft?  There’s quite a few of them that allow you to view almost anything on your Windows computer. Sysinternals has been around for a long time under their own name but were acquired by Microsoft a few years ago. They include a […]

I was creating a screencast and wondered if there was a way to create one in HD or High Definition now that YouTube and other video sharing sites support HD videos that you create. A quick Google search resulted in the article How to Make 720p High Definition Screencast Videos for YouTube from Digital Inspiration. Here’s […]

USA Today published an article titled Leaving PCs on overnight costs companies $2.8B a year. The article talks about how businesses lose 2.8 billion dollars a year when they leave computers on, unused, all night.  In addition, this adds 20 million tons of carbon dioxide, etc.  So I thought I’d record a screencast video using […]

Okay folks, time for the dry stuff.  When you create a web app, it typically interacts with a database, more specifically an SQL database. What is SQL? SQL stands for Structure Query Language.  SQL is a way to store and manipulate information in a database.  So what’s a database?  A database is something that stores […]

In this post I’m listing some of the stuff that’s on my Windows XP machine at the moment that I use regularly in my daily work.  Maybe there’s something new here that might benefit you in some way. 1. Flock – Flock is a social web browser that brings all your social site into one […]

Assuming a person sleeps at night, here are some automated tasks you should have your PC do to keep it safe and secure.  In a perfect world you could do a virus scan at 1:00am, a backup at 2:00am and shut down the PC at 3:00am, all automatically. 1. Run a scheduled virus check I […]

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