Success Online: Two Time-Saving Secrets That Will NOT Help You Succeed Online

Success Online

So I run a few websites and blogs, and when I check the comments or emails that I get from those sites, I’m always a bit surprised to see the automation of unrelated blog comments and automatically generated emails I get in my inbox asking for something.

Automation is Great, But…

Automation is great for a lot of things online but when it comes to blog comments I would stop the automation and start getting involved with blogs and websites where you can comment about your industry or related industries.

You’ll know when you find a great community of people who comment by the rich comments they leave.

They leave their real name or their name @ <company name/site> in the “Name” field of a comment. This helps make it feel that a real person is commenting and is putting themselves out there to be addressed and identified as a real person.

However, on the other hand, if the name field for a comment says something like, “”, that probably isn’t the best “Name” to use for the comment. I would most likely delete that comment instantly and not look back no matter how much you want comments at your blog.

Keywords and Comments

Another thing people do when leaving a comment on a blog is to use keywords in the “Name” field. So for example, if the person leaving a comment is trying to get a backlink to their website about wooden floors, they would fill the “Name” field with “Hard Wood Floors”, hoping that the “Name” field would get indexed by Google and that would give them additional backlink power to rise in the search engines.

Another tactic that I see in the fields of the comment form is the “Name” field is filled in with a¬† keyword or keyword phrase. I see the “Email Address” field filled in with something like the keyword phrase as well as the “Website” field filled with the keyword phrase too. Then the contents of the comments will be laden with the keyword phrase and/or related keyword phrases.

So you end up with one big comment and related fields full of someone trying to gain awareness and backlinks to their site and not too interested  in leaving a worthwhile comment.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see using maybe one keyword or keyword phrase that might help clarify the contents of a comment, but it should make complete sense and add meaning or quality to the comment that in turn adds quality to the article.

So keyword stuffing the comment form is probably not the best way to join a community of people who are wanting to engage at a great blog article.

Some of this might seem obvious to you that it would be considered blog comment spam or just spam, but you see, sometimes bloggers who don’t have a whole bunch of traffic and people commenting at their blog, might approve automated comments just so they can get any comments at all on their blog posts.

An example of a great commenting community is people who leave at least 3 sentences for a comment that adds to the discussion and the article. For some communities you’ll find consistent 2-3 paragraphs or more per comment with great discussion.

An example of an automated comment include a comment that looks like this:

“Our company blah blah, has been doing great stuff for 30 years. We build this and that, we do this and that and we have over 1,000 satisfied customers who will tell you how great we are. We provide the following services: service 1, service 2, etc. We’ve created over x incredible products for you to use when you do this and that.”

Well, I think you get the drift. The above comment was something like a comment I received on an article about social media that had nothing to do with this comment. The comment was geared towards the flooring industry.

When I see this type of commenting I can’t help but think that this company is either using some type of automated software to fire off as many unrelated comments as they can to as many unrelated websites, hoping to gain backlinks to their website and articles.

Automated Emails Using Contact Forms

Another way to annoy the heck out of blog owners is to use automated software that looks for contact forms that are on blogs that accept guest blog posts.

When I receive an email via the contact form on my blog, I know they either didn’t read the text on the contact form or they’re using software that automates looking for contact forms on the web, auto-filling in the form and submitting to the website or blog owner.

On my contact form, I’ve included two links to my guest posting guidelines. But it never fails that I get emails from my contact form wanting to know if I accept guest blog posts.

In this case, I just delete the automated email. Hopefully someday the auto-emailer person will browse to the contact form and read what to do next about guest blog posts.

So there you go. Don’t use automation software to post comments all over the web that don’t make sense and don’t auto-email people to see if they accept guest posts.

It’s much better to keep your reputation intact and build your trustworthiness by actually providing great comments and searching for guest post opportunities. Doing this slowly over a long period of time (like growing a business) will reward you and go much farther in the long run. What a novel ideal.

What do you think? Have you used automation software for promoting websites? Tell us all about it in the comments.