WordPress Plugins for March 4, 2009

Here are 5 WordPress plugins that will enhance your WordPress environment and possibly make your blog a bit better.

1. All in One Video Pack

The All in One Video Pack by Kaltura, looks like, well, the All in One Video Pack.   :)   I have not used this plugin but it looks intense as it provides the ability to upload/record/import videos directly to your post, edit and remix content with an online video editor, enable video responses, manage and track your video content, create playlists and much more…

2. Fluency Admin 2.0

Fluency Admin 2.0 styles your WordPress 2.7 admin environment.  Although WordPress 2.7 already provides a more pleasing environment to work in than any of its previous versions, Fluency Admin 2.0 adds even more eye-candy that makes WordPress 2.7 even more pleasant to work in.

3. Broken Link Checker for WordPress

When I moved my wife’s blogger blog to WordPress I needed a way to check for broken links and the Broken Link Checker for WordPress plugin helped me identify all the broken links I needed to check into and fix.  It provides a list of the blog post name, the linking text, the url of the post and the editing actions you would need to fix broken links.

4. My Twitpic’s

My Twitpic’s allows you to place a sidebar widget with your pictures that you upload to TwitPic, the photo sharing site for Twitter.

5. 15 Useful Twitter Hacks and Plug-Ins For WordPress

No so much a plugin but a killin’ article by Smashing Magazine on 15 Useful Twitter Hacks and Plug-Ins For WordPress.  Here are some of the hacks:

  1. Automatically create TinyUrls for your blog posts
  2. Display your latest tweet without a plug-in
  3. Display your latest tweet as an image
  4. Create a “Tweet this” button
  5. Detect a visitor from Twitter
  6. Create a Twitter page on your WordPress blog
  7. Using Twitter avatars in comments without plug-ins

I’m thinkin’ someone ought to create a WordPress plugin with an options page for the above hacks.   😉 Of course, like they say, the more plugins that load, the longer your site will load.  But, this Smashing Magazine article is awesome!!