Bill BolmeierTo send me a private email, email me at bill [at] billbolmeier [dot] com.

Welcome, my name is Bill Bolmeier and this is my website I started in the fall of 2008. It’s my scratchpad and home-base on the web.

Techie Stuff

I’ve been working in the technology industry for over 20 years where I’ve created and managed outstanding Information Technology teams that provide incredible customer service and support. However, this was easy to do since the team members were incredible people to begin with.

I’m a techie at heart and have worked with PCs running all versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, physical servers and VMs running various versions of Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems. Heck, I’ve even worked in DOS and at the Unix command prompt when they were THE operating systems.

I’ve created software that people use to do business day in and day out. I used Microsoft VB.NET, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server as my tools of choice. I’ve programmed in other languages including Java, C, C++, to name a few.

I’ve created websites by hand using all HTML and CSS back in the day when that’s all you could use to create websites with a plain text editor.

Some of the job titles I’ve held include Software Developer, IT Manager, Application Solution Architect.

Internet Stuff

I started blogging in 2007 for a tech blog and quickly grew my blogging efforts to 13 blogs.

Why did I create 13 blogs? Back in 2007 thru 2009 and even way earlier, you could create a blog, write blog posts, slap some Google Adsense Ads on them, and make money by blog visitors seeing those ads AND clicking on those ads. BOOM.

Making money while you sleep. It was great. I had a full-time job and this was my part-time job that eventually lead to burn-out. I was working normal day hours and then writing blog posts from 8pm to about 2am in the morning, non-stop. It was a bit too much.


I use self-hosted blog software called WordPress from to create not only blogs but static and dynamic websites.

I’ll be writing about web media, social media, internet marketing, keyword research, search engine optimization, building websites, tech news and other techie stuff I find helpful and interesting.

It it also my hope that you find this information beneficial to your endeavors.